Hello, thank you for visiting my website !

This website is part of an overall project that runs along professional, cultural and philosophical lines.

At work, I am the manager of a locomotives maintenance engineering entity for the state rail freight company. Mobility is my job as much as it is my passion.

My passion for the world’s complexity and international relations started early, as my mother offered me a book for my birthday : « around the world in eighty pages ».

This personal endeavour continued as I moved to France 🇫🇷, visited German courses at the Goethe Institute in Berlin 🇩🇪, enjoyed every bit of essays on international relations that I wrote for my certificate at the London School of Economics 🇬🇧, and finally got into finno-ugric cultures and learned the russian language 🇷🇺 in Estonia 🇪🇪.

To summarize, France offered me its exceptionalism, Germany offered me its culture and Russia offered me its soul and a gate to Eurasia.

So that’s me in a nutshell : 10 years of experience in engineering in the mobility sector, a multilingual and multicultural constitution, a keen passion for international relations and a strong resolve to have a positive impact in the economic development in the eurasian space.

Get in touch if you share these eurasian dream and want to contribute !