Tbilissi, Vardzia, Mtskheta, Kazbegi, Georgia

My first visit to the Caucasus Region. There is a cold wind in the caucasus mountains. One is never the same after inhaling it. The caucasus mountains, or the icy land of Scythia is where Hunger resided according to Ovid and the greek mythology. Perhaps it is the explanation for this penetrating cold wind.

Except for a few commonplaces, I didn’t know much about Georgia before visiting : a country of rich and ancient history, of a unique language, of strong people with a tumultuous history of struggle with neighbouring and invading empires.

Sometimes, the first scenes you witness in a new country set the tone for your impression. If a stray dog can peacefully sleep on the middle of the stairs on one of the busiest avenues of Tbilissi during the afternoon, it says so much about the Georgian people.

You can assess the greatness of a country by the way it handles innocent animals. I made my mind about the Georgians at that moment : they are a great people, and they never disappointed during my stay.


Mother of Georgia Statue. Tamar the great watches over Tbilissi. This queen of the Bagrationi dynasty built an empire that was to fall only to the mongol invasion. She is undoubtedly the greatest historical Georgian figure
Queen Tamar the Great
Mekheti church in Tbilissi
Mekheti church in Tbilissi
This lovely cat has found a shelter in this church, on the hill where the statue of the great Tamar stands.
The Holy Trinity Church of Tbilissi, close to the presidential palace

Vardzia and Akhaltsikhe

Vardzia is one of the marvels of Georgia. This city within the mountain dates back to the 12th century. The church of this complex (Dormition church) simply lies in the depth of the mountain, in the depth of time and in the depth of spirituality.
Akhaltsikhe Castle, there is a church and a mosque in this citadel. Georgia, a land at the crossroads of Eurasia and many influences is a place of tolerance

The road to Kazbegi

The sour waters of the caucasus offer this wonderful spectacle of a moulded and painted earth.
Ananuri Chruch and Zhinvali Reservoir, on the road to Qazbegi. It sums up the breathtaking beauty of Georgia
Georgia is a land of holiness and spirituality. This beautiful church lies a few hundred meters away from the Russian border, on the road to North Ossetia and Vladikavkaz.

Gergeti Trinity Church near Kazbegi
Kazbegi mountains

Mtskheta and Jvari Monastery

Jvari Monastery. This lovely dog peacefully sleeping has certainly no idea of the historical and spiritual importance of this holy place. Saint Nino, a woman, converted the king of Iberia (one of the two kingdoms composing Georgia with Colchis) to Christianity and erected a wooden cross at this place
Jvari Monastery
View from the Jvari Monastery, at the crossroads of the Mtkavri and Argali rivers. The city of Mtskheta itself lied at the heart of the ancient Silk roads.

National Museum

If you ever watched people from the Caucasus dancing the Lezginka or the Kabardinka, you know the traditional costumes area testimony to an ancient and refined culture. Georgia and its many regions is no exception in the Caucasus
Pirosmani – Feast of five noblemen. One expects a rich and ancient culture like Georgia to offer a pictorially vibrant and symbolically deep art. And it does. Pirosmani is the greatest Georgian painter. Here he depicts a traditional scene of georgian life
Timo Gosadtze – Spiritual Georgia