Taschkent, Uzbekistan

This world is vast, there are many countries, but our Uzbekistan is unique. This wonderful and sacred land was created for us. This thought should inspire all our hearts and provide the reason for our lives.

Islam Karimov, as quoted in the state museum of the history of uzbekistan

There is indeed something unique about the country that offered us the Silk Road jewels of Samarkand and Bukhara, about the land between the Syr Daria (Iaxartes) and Amur Daria (Oxos) rivers.

But Uzbekistan is equally universal, in that it reminds us that most of human achievements in art and beauty are born in times of the sword and brutal conquests. Namely Timur’s (Tamerlan) conquest.


Monument to Amir Temur in central Taschkent. He is the father of the Uzbek nation and state. A Turco-Mongol conqueror, Timur (or Tamerlan) brutally subjugated most of Central Asia and built an empire that stretched as far as Russia.
Central square in Taschkent. Like all the former soviet republics capitals, Taschkent is rich in monumental avenues and buildings, but but with a rich traditional Uzbek character
The beautiful Mosque of Taschkent
Memorial to the great patriotic war and those who died fighting the nazis. Uzbekistan’s contribution to the victory on the nazis has been immense

Amir Temur Museum

Amir Temur Museum
This museum, at the very center of Taschkent is dedicated to the father of the Uzbek state and nation. The building itself is a gem
The museum has a rich collection of Amir Temur’s portraits and depictions. This one, though a recent production, is also an epic testimony to the uzbek craftsmanship in tapestry
As strong a conqueror and stateman as he was, Amir Temur was also a builder and the promoter of arts and science. The museum is rich in testimonies to this policy of Amir Temur. Among the collection, I picked two paintings : a school and an observatory.

Art Museum

Uzbekistan has a tradition of craftsmanship in tapestry. These are few examples of the many beautiful carpets you can admire at the Art Museum of Taschkent. You can literally spend hours in this Museum.
Бурэ – Утро в старом Регистане (evening in the old Registan). As you would expect, many paintings in this museum represent the architectural jewel-cities of Uzbekistan : Samarkand, Bukhara.
Вико – Отец и сын (father and son)
Кузиев – садовник из Джаркургана – Gardener from Jarqoʻrgʻon, a city in the very south-east of Uzbekistan, close to Tadjikistan and Afghanistan.