Homer – The bewitching queen of Aeaea

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Odysseus continues his voyage. first he arrives in Aeolus, where the king gave his 6 daughters to his six sons as wives, a king made master of the winds by Zeus.

Odysseus endures the cruelty of being so close but yet so far from his native land. After passing through the Laestrogynian land, his squadron is decimated by giants. EventuaThIt is the tale of the hardship and voyage inflicted on Odysseus and other Atrides by Zeus. On his journey, Odysseus survives the the battle with the Cicones in Isamrus, sails past Cynthia, the land to lotus eaters and finally reaches the land of the cyclops.

Spoilt by the gods and. backward are the Cyclops in the eyes of Odysseus. Interestingly, as he criticises the cyclops, Odysseus mentions mentions the system of government before he mentions any other “earthlier” consideration like shipwrecks, artisans or plowing the land.

They have no meeting place for council, no laws either,

no, up on the mountain peaks they live in arching caverns –

each a law to himself, ruling his wives and children,

not a care in the world for any neighbour

Homer, In the One-Eyed Giant’s cave

Odysseus eventually triumphs over Polyphemus, using his civilised man’s cunning trick on the naive violent savage.

All over his journey, Odysseus craves the homeland, that homeland. that was beautiful to renounce the lustrous goddess Calypso.

Day after day as …

Young Dawn with her red-rose fingers shone once more

Homer, In the One-Eyed Giant’s cave

Odysseus triumphs over every difficulty. As the German historian Raimund Schulz puts it in “Geschichte des antigen Grienchenlands”, Odysseus is polytropous : intelligent, cunning, able to adapt, tenacity.