Valery Bryusov – Last pages from a woman’s diary

Versailles, France

Natalie Glebovna is one exceptional woman, one of those who mould men like marble. Abandoning yourself to a woman like Natalia Glebovna is not about a mere transformation, it is about a transfiguration of the soul. Offer her your devotion, for it is as sweet to her as caressing her soft cat. But be prepared for the the devastations that follow, like nature prepares for the painful winter :

Crucify me, kill me, I will obediently accept my agony, and will perish without a complaint

Last pages from a woman’s diary – Valery Bryusov

One should wonder if he has got enough space and depth in himself to host her. He will jump on the stage of a tragedy. A tragedy that is not to her taste :

Tragedies are wonderful on a stage and in books, but in reality, Marivaux is a thousand times more enjoyable than Eschyle

Last pages from a woman’s diary – Valery Bryusov